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FAQ Page

When will you be open?

  • Due to the COVID-19 and current “stay in place” issued by the City of El Paso we are currently closed and have no projected date until the order is lifted. Please check back for current updates.

How may I contact your office if I have a medical emergency?

  • If you have a medical emergency please call our office and leave a voicemail or send us a text message and we will contact you as soon as possible.

I have an upcoming scheduled appointment, when will I be able to reschedule?

  • At this time all appointments are cancelled and patients will be moved to a priority list. Once the office is open, staff will call patients to reschedule based on date and time of scheduled appointment.

May I still make an appointment for a future date?

  • Patients may still make an appointment online for routine eyecare, medical visits…etc for a future date. Please keep in mind our office is monitoring on a week by week basis during the current situation. Our office will let our patients know if their appointment might have to be moved to a later date and time.

I have ordered glasses or contact lenses to be picked up at your office, how will I receive my order?

  • If you have a current order pending at our office please call or text to verify your address and we will gladly ship them to your home at this time at no cost.

How may I order a new pair of glasses or contact lenses?

  • At this time a patient may not be able to order glasses but you may visit our virtual boutique shop and create a wish list of frames you would like. Once the office is open we will be happy to help you order your new glasses.
  • For contact lens orders you may visit our online webstore and place an order to be shipped right to your home at this time. Our office currently offers competitive market pricing and yearly rebates.

How may I get access to my current prescription or other medical documents from your office?

  • Our office offers an online portal where a patient may access not only their medical documents, but prescriptions as well. It also features secure messaging if the patient is more comfortable communicating in that manner. Simply verify your email address you would the office to send you online portal link and we will provide you with your username and password to access the portal.

My current prescription is about to expire and I need to order glasses or contact lenses, what can I do at this time?

  • If you have prescription that is about to expire please call or text the office about an extension at this time.