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PureVision®2 For Presbyopia

Designed to improve near and intermediate vision while continuing to provide excellent distance vision and exceptional comfort.

NEW PureVision 2 For Presbyopia lenses offer clarity where it counts —in the real world

PureVision2 For Presbyopia 1A new design for more natural vision

Our 3-Zone Progressive design allows for a more natural visual experience

for reading and using digital devices

Nearly 90% of patients surveyed agreed that PureVision2 For Presbyopia contact lenses provided clear vision for working at a computer or mobile device2

to clearly see your computer screen (and your dinner date)

89% of patients refit into PureVision2 For Presbyopia contact lenses were satisfied with overall comfort2

to clearly see when driving or seeing presentations from the back of the room


For a multifocal contact lens that delivers great vision and comfort, choose NEW PureVision2 For PresbyopiaPureVision2 For Presbyopia 2

Are you looking for multifocal contact lenses that offer a real world solution

-near, far, and everywhere in between?

Now, multifocal contact lenses for a clear view of the real world

-near, far, and everywhere in between?

You’ve always planned to stick with your contact lenses. After all, they’ve been pretty good to you. But then the fine print started to get fuzzy …

It happens to everyone over time. Its called “presbyopia:’ and it makes vision inadequate.

When you’ve got presbyopia, you may benefit from multifocal contact lenses — lenses that incorporate multiple levels of “power” so that near, intermediate, and distance vision are all corrected as necessary.

Many “multifocal” contact lenses claim to improve your near vision, but that performance often suffers depending on what you are looking at, or compromises your intermediate and distance vision.

Are PureVision® 2 For Presbyopia lenses right for you?

If you:

  • Need clearer near and intermediate vision
  • Have no desire to start wearing readers
  • Rely on digital devices every day
  • Are dissatisfied with your current contact lenses

Ask your eye care professional for a trial today!

Designed for comfortPureVision2 For Presbyopia 3

Use Biotrue® multi-purpose solution with PureVision®2 For Presbyopia.

Biotrue works like your eyes to help keep lenses moist for up to 20 hours.3

If you’re not ready to give up the freedom you enjoy with your contact lenses, take advantage of a trial today!



1. Analysis based on use of a Hartmann-Shack wavefront sensing instrument to map lens power across contact tenses. More than 6,000 unique measurements over the central 6mm of a contact lens were plotted to determine local power measurement as a function of radial distance from the center of the lens.

2. Thirty-nine ECPs (from 10 countries) refitted 422 existing soft contact lens wearing presbyopes into PureVision2 Multi-Focal For Presbyopia Patients returned for follow-up visits after 1-2 weeks. ECP assessment of lens performance including ease of fit, and patient satisfaction with lenses in real world conditions, were measured using a 6-point agreement survey.

3. Based on laboratory study