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Macuhealth1Macular pigment is made up of three dietary nutrients, known as Lutein (L), Zeaxanthin (2) and Meso-Zeaxanthin (MZ), and gives the macula (which is a term that simply describes the central retina) a yellow color. It is no accident that nature gives us the ability to selectively accumulate these three dietary pigments at the very center of the retina, where vision is sharpest and where color vision is processed.

A Healthy diet is essential to maintain a healthy macula. Unfortunately, today’s processed foods are lacking in the nutrients required to maximize macular pigment, and it is believed that supplementation is the best way to protect your macula.

Only visible light reaches the retina (because non-visible wavelengths are filtered out by the front layers of the eye). Of the visible spectrum (red, orange, yellow, green, blue), only blue light causes injury (because the blue wavelengths are short, and therefore high-energy) and only blue wavelengths are deleterious to image formation (because only blue wavelengths are scattered and defocussed by the eye’s optical system).

Over our lifetime, cumulative exposure to visible blue light (whether atmospheric [outdoors] or whether generated from the light-emitting diodes [LEDs] from screens) is known to cause macular disease (such as age-related macular degeneration) and also limits visual performance (because only blue light is appreciably scattered, causing glare and image degradation).

Macular pigment (which is yellow in color) selectively filters out these damaging and image-degrading blue wavelengths of light.

Accordingly, macular pigment (because of its absorptive properties) is essential to alleviate symptoms of glare and dazzle, and to optimize the visual discernibility of objects under bright and dim (twilight) conditions.

Studies have shown that visual performance can be improved at any age following supplementation with a formulation that contains all three of macular pigment’s constituent nutrients. In a randomized controlled trial, only a formulation that contains all three macular carotenoids in a MZ:L:2 (mg) ratio of 10:10:2 (MacuHealth with LMZ3) has been shown to appreciably improve visual performance, and has also been shown to outperform alternative formulations.

Optimization of vision is crucial forthose involved in vision-dependant activities (athletes, snipers, pilots, transport personnel, etc) and for anyone wishing to maximally enjoy outdoor leisure and sports activities.

Enriching Macular Pigment helps protect the macula (central retina) from disease and optimizes visual performance.


MacuHealth with with LMZ3 is a patented formulation that contains all three of macular pigment’s constituent nutrients in a formulation which has been shown to outperform alternative formulations. Furthermore, daily supplementation with MacuHealth with LMZ3 will also protect the macula from lifelong retinal injury, and reduce the risk of developing macular disease (such as age-related macular degeneration).