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PhotoFusion® by ZEISS

Fast dark. Fast clear.

The new ZEISS self-tinting lenses give you comfortable vision wherever your day takes you.

ZEISS precision lenses have a long tradition.

For over 160 years, ZEISS has been the world’s leading brand in precision optics. Like NASA, Google Earth, Nobel prize winners, and Hollywood producers, you can enjoy the quality offered by ZEISS, the pioneer in precision optics.

  • Google Earth uses ZEISS precision camera lenses to obtain spectacular images of the earth.
  • ZEISS microscopes help Nobel prize winners make red blood cells visible.
  • ZEISS camera lenses play an important role for directors and camera crews who shoot films like “Lord of the Rings.”

PhotoFusion by ZEISS. Fast self-tinting lenses.

Eyeglasses that adjust to any light condition—full sunlight, indoor lighting and everything in between. PhotoFusion by ZEISS lenses do it all—and do it fast.

PhotoFusion polycarbonate and high-index lenses in comparison to existing photochromic lenses offered by ZEISS*

Fast dark. Fast fade back

PhotoFusion by ZEISS high-index and polycarbonate self-tinting lenses react up to 2x faster* from dark to clear than existing photochromic lenses by ZEISS. The secret is their photo-active molecules which react quickly to changing light.PhotoFusion by ZEISS 1

Very clear indoors. Very dark in sunlight.

PhotoFusion by ZEISS lenses offer excellent vision under all lighting conditions. The self-tinting molecules react to the sun’s UV rays. Indoors, and outdoors at night, they remain clear. Outdoors on cloudy days, they will respond to reduced solar UV rays and turn semi-dark. In full sunshine the molecules are hit with the full intensity of the sun’s rays, and they darken the lenses to a true sunglass tint.

100% solar UV protection for your eyes.

No matter how dark or clear they are, PhotoFusion by ZEISS lenses always offer 100% blockage of harmful solar UV rays. Your eyes will not only be comfortable in all lighting conditions, they’ll be fully protected.

Ask your eye care professional about PhotoFusion by ZEISS

PhotoFusion by ZEISS is available:

  • In gray and brown tints
  • With high-performance ZEISS anti-reflective coatings

PhotoFusion by ZEISS at a glance

  • Fast reaction to changing light conditions
  • Excellent vision in all light conditions
  • 100% solar UV protection
  • True clarity indoors, true sunlens tint in full sunlight a Attractive, consistent tinting