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ZEISS Progressive Individual 2 lenses

Step : 1 Your Eye

The prescription your doctor writes for you is completely personalized for your eyes. But most progressive lenses are not: they use the same optics for many prescriptions.

Your ZEISS Progressive Individual 2 lenses will be designed precisely for your prescription, and manufactured with legendary ZEISS precision for superior performance. You’ll enjoy wide, spacious fields of clear vision — to 50% larger* than ordinary progressives.

zeiss progressive1

Illustrations are simplified examples. Effects are subject to individual experience and prescription.


We take your vision personally

Your vision is unlike anyone else’s. Your prescription, the frames you choose, and even the way your eyewear is positioned on your face affect how well your progressive lenses perform for you.

That’s why ZEISS Progressive Individual 2 is unlike any other progressive lens. Most progressives are designed to meet the vision needs of many people. But your ZEISS Progressive Individual 2 lenses will be custom-designed to meet the vision needs of just one person: YOU

Let us show you how we can build a better lens for you

Personalized Lenses

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ZEISS precision lenses have a long tradition

For over 160 years, ZEISS has been the world’s leading brand in precision optics. Like NASA, Google Earth, Nobel prize winners, and Hollywood producers, you can enjoy the quality offered by ZEISS, the pioneer in precision optics.