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Correct Your Vision While You SleepNightLens 1

Did you know your eye has a ‘finger print’ of its own? NightLens providers use a special digital camera to “finger print” your cornea to design a custom lens that perfect-ly fits your eye and prescription.

  • Computer designed just for your eyes.
  • Only orthokeratology lens made from corneal “eye prints”.
  • Custom lenses are more comfortable.
  • Only select, specially trained doctors provide NightLens.
  • Satisfied patients since 1999.
  • Quick replacements for broken or lost lenses.

NightLens Therapy offers temporary correction of myopia with or without moderate astigmatism. Each lens is made with special materials to keep your eye healthy and comfortable and are approved for overnight wear.

Imagine Your Day Without Glasses or ContactsWoman Smiling Scarf Hat 1280×480

Forget about glasses sliding down your nose, contacts drying your eyes, dust blowing in your eye or refractive surgery.

NightLens are contact lenses specially designed for wear while you sleep. The gentle pressure from your eyelid on the lens is transferred to your tear layer which changes the shape of your cornea, improving your vision overnight. In the morning you have clear, sharp and comfortable vision.

Most patients are glasses free until bedtime. Some patients go longer. NightLens therapy is non-surgi-cal and reversible. Just stop nightly wear and your vision reverts to its original prescription.