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Wave Contact Lenses

Nature Designed, Doctor DispensedWave 1

No two fingerprints are identical and the same is true for your eyes, especially the cornea (the clear tissue that a contact lens sits upon). Each cornea has its own distinct shape and texture, just like a fingerprint. So it makes sense that a contact lens should mirror the cornea.

This office offers Wave Contact Lenses which are custom designed from your corneal “fingerprint’. Wave’s special video camera and software digitally maps your cornea with thousands of numbers. Your doctor uses the map data and Wave’s special design software to create a custom lens that follows almost every tiny shape on your cornea. In the width of a hair, there may be as many as 10 distinct curves on the back of the lens. With so many curves, Wave lenses offer unrivaled comfort and sharper optics. Many unsuccessful contact lens wearers are successful Wave lens users.Wave 2

The doctors in this office are skilled and authorized to use Wave Contact Lens Design Software for contact lens patients requiring correction of near or distance vision, astigmatism, combined reading and distance vision, keratoconus and post surgical corrections. Doctors also use Wave Software to create custom Orthokeratolgy lenses, a non-surgical vision correction procedure.

Why wear off the shelf contact lenses? Your eyes deserve better. Ask about Wave Lenses, designed just as nature intended.

Wave 3Wave’s Custom Designed Lenses differ greatly from plain “mass produced” lenses. Your doctor ses Wave Design software to specify the lens diameter and thickness for comfort and adjust the position of the optics for best visual, performance. In all there are 26 different adjustments, offering infinite design possibilities.

Wave designs are available in:

Single Won: For distance vision until your mid forties when bifocals are usually necessary for up close activities like reading.

Bifocal: Simultaneous distance and near vision without reading glasses. Your doctor adjusts the Wave design to match your pupil for maximum near and far vision performance.

Astigmatism: Wave designs a custom lens that duplicates your astigmatism’s (football) shape. The fit is unsurpassed. Other lenses offer a “get as close as we can” approach.

Keratoconus & Post Refractive: Most challenging and most in need of Wave’s custom “match the cornea” design philosophy.

Orthokeratology: A reversible, non-surgical therapeutic procedure for temporary vision correction that allows most “OK” users to go all day without lenses or glasses. Custom lenses gently reshape the cornea while you sleep. Ask your doctor about Wave’s custom designed Orthokeratology lenses and their benefits for active lifestyles.