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The Dangers of Screen Time

man working on the computer 6402020 was not a great year for our eyes, and 2021 is not shaping up to be much better. Besides the increased dangers of myopia to children nationwide because of their screen time for school and entertainment, the COVID-19 “new normal” has also led to an increased risk of Dry Eye Syndrome to both children and adults.

Blinking is vital to a healthy tear film which coats the eyes with moisture. When watching a computer, television, or cell phone screen, we tend to blink less, and experience symptoms of Dry Eyes as a result. These symptoms can include:

  • a feeling of dryness
  • can also ironically include watery eyes
  • feelings of itchiness and irritation
  • and/or red eyes

More adults than ever are working at home, replacing their face-to-face coworker interactions with screen time. A typical work day may now consist of 8-9 hours or more of staring at a computer screen! Meanwhile, our children are learning remotely either part- or full-time, and are spending more time in front of a screen than ever before. Adults and children are now at a much higher risk of Dry Eye Syndrome.

However, there are other potential contributing factors to Dry Eyes. Dry Eye Expert, Dr. Kerry Holt at Eyeland Vision's Dry Eye Center offers the latest in diagnostic tools to determine what is causing your Dry Eye symptoms. Once that is determined, our wide range of Dry Eye treatments can be utilized to make your eyes as healthy and as comfortable as possible.

We serve patients from El Paso, North Hills, Pleasant Hills, Apollo Heights, and throughout Texas. Call us today to schedule a Dry Eye consultation.

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