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Dr. Kim took care of me, and the entire team made me feel very comfortable, welcomed, and enthusiastic to help me. I did my insurance intake online, so the confirmation and check in intake when I got there was very easy. During my exam, I was very comfortable and I genuinely feel like they took the time to truly do a thorough exam, while also explaining what was happening if I had questions. At the end of the “1 or 2” options, I was asked to close my eyes and Dr. Kim flipped through the lenses. When she stopped and asked me to look, I saw clearly for the first time in a long time. She also took time to thoroughly explain everything that was happening with my vision. Before this appointment, I had a dental appointment that absolutely brought me to tears solely due to how I was treated, and then again afterwards at my psychiatrists office. The entire highlight of my day was being at Eyeland and having such a positive experience. Thank you so so much to the entire Eyeland Team that I worked with
3 weeks ago
- Jessica G.
I visited Eyeland Vision on 3/29/23 for an eye exam. Dr. Kathy phan took care of me. I want to thank Dr. Phan and her staff for an excellent and professional work, see you soon. Thanks.
2 months ago
- Juan M.
After reading all of the reviews I was nervous about coming here. I'm glad I came though! I didn't have any problems as the staff was extremely friendly and helpful. They gave me my prescription with no issues and didn't force me to try to buy glasses at all. They asked if I wanted to or not but that was it. I was aware of the retina exam before I came in, but they did tell me before I went back and asked if I was okay with that, which for some people might be a deal breaker as everyone has to do it to be seen there and it cost me $45 as most insurance companies seem to not cover it but I was perfectly fine to pay for it and do the exam. That's my personal preference though so that is something to consider. I love that the online appointment system was easy to set up and that they accepted my insurance (Tricare). The doctors were very nice and knowledgeable. I would come back here again!
3 months ago
- Bethany S.
My family and I are new patients of Eyeland Vision. We recently had a wonderful experience at our first appointment. Dr. Do & staff are Amazing, and took great care of us!
8 months ago
- Sylvia C.
The appointment making process online is easy to use. The receptionist got me in right away. Everyone is smiles and helpful. Dr. Kathy Phan is the greatest. She listened to what I needed and gave me the best prescription ever. I need to see far away and very small details up close and my new glasses work perfectly. Thank you Eyeland Vision! I will be a repeat customer.
11 months ago
- Lonnie K.
Excellent service from the person at the front desk all the way to the doctor. Everyone is patient and knowledgeable. I am only deducting a star because the person at the optical would not give me my PD as I told them I was going to order my glasses online. They said they wouldn’t even know how to do that since they just send a picture to the lab and they take care of it there. I explained it’s just a measurement in mm but they said they don’t do that there which I find very odd.
1 year ago
- Nydia R.
Fantastic clinic, look forward to going every time I need a check up. They have very up to date equipment and ensure you get a through exam all while being fast and friendly.
2 years ago
- Frankasurus R.